Ontario High Speed is the wireless and local internet

solution for you and your business.

Ontario High speed was created to provide a new urban and rural internet service choice. The goal was to provide service to the local community and spread outwards so that internet users can feel like a person instead of a number on the list of big corporate providers.



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Rural and Urban Internet Service and Consulting
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Ontario High Speed
We want to provide you with fast and affordable internet. We are locally operated with local support.
The Ontario High Speed Service
Ontario High Speed is a growing local internet service provider. As we get bigger we will be able to provide internet to more and larger areas. We currently operate in Whitby, and our tower ranges are shown below on the map. Ranges can be much greater than shown if there is no obstruction. We offer a FREE site survey to see if you are able to receive our service.
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Old website restored due to issue with new one. More updates to come.

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